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Mint restaurant is contemporary cuisine with mediterranean roots and international touches.

In 2016 we opened Mint, a place to enjoy a completely in house cooked contemporary cuisine that influences from other cultures around the world to elevate the food we serve. From the very beginning our main goal has been to be different on the approach to what a restaurant is.

Setting a delicious gastronomic experience aside, on a technological point of view, Restaurant Mint has always taken under consideration the novelties and profits of the current technological advances. From the beginning, our clients can profit from numerous 21th century approaches to what a restaurant experience should be, such as QR menu access; online food ordering; online reservations with the possibility of self editing and even an intern management site to control the most crucial part of a successful food and beverage business: costs and inventory.

Having a true vision of how our work is used on a daily basis from a real business that generates realistic feedback about it has been key to improve and set new goals as a software development company.


Since June 2017

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Mint is based on contemporary cuisine with mediterranean roots and international touches with an important technological approach.