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remd stands for Real Estate Market Data and is a suite of tools designed for better understanding of real state market around the globe. We provide a DaaS (Data as a Service) to make data-driven decisions based on real and updated market information. Additionaly, we also make programatic access via propietary API's to country-specific organisations to automate the process of analysing an asset, removing uncertainty and manual operations for the validation of the data.

We offer a complete, normalized database of current and past real estate market data with more than 550M of records (sales and rental comparables), with the focus on Europe and South America markets.

We also provide solutions to improve the process of geodata normalization, macroenomoics data and static maps imagery. Additionaly, we're specialised in Spain's real estate ecosystem with integrations Registry and Cadaster.


Since July 2014

remd - iibusiness

remd improves organisation access to real estate data and outsources the hassle of fetching and maintaing data for core real estate management.